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“Inside Out 2″ movie: Life lessons to be learnt

lessons from Inside out 2 movie

Inside Out 2, the film crafted by Pixar Animation as a sequel to the 2015 picture ’Inside Out’ is a hilarious yet timely exploration into the inside world of our minds. It has ended up appealing to both children and grown-ups. While the first movie was targeted at children accompanied by imaginary characters when young Riley changed her school, the new picture is about grown-up Riley’s problems, which help adults reconsider their emotional state.

Here are some mental health takeaways from “Inside Out 2”:

Embrace Your Emotions: Emotions don’t make you weak. Acknowledging and accepting them helps you navigate relationships and personal growth. It’s a crucial step in understanding how emotions influence behavior and connections. Get a control over them by understanding them well.
Manage Stress: Stress is universal, but handling it well is key to mental health. Techniques like mindfulness, seeking help, and accepting change can alleviate stress. Adulting is tough, but managing stress effectively makes it bearable. All problems, medical and physical have their roots in stress. Navigate life by managing stress well.
Change is Good: Change often seems scary but is usually beneficial. Embracing change empowers you to shape your future. While things might not always go as planned, adapting can lead to personal growth and happiness. A mind which is adaptable to change is the best gift you can give yourself.
Stay True to Yourself: Authenticity matters. Changing yourself to please others rarely leads to fulfillment. True friends accept you as you are. Embrace your quirks and complexities; the right people will love you for them.
Don’t Let Anxiety Override Joy: Anxiety can steal your happiest moments. It’s a complex emotion that can overshadow joy, but learning to manage it ensures you don’t miss out on life’s best experiences. Lead with joy and recognize your worth.

Understand the movie well and adapt the takeaways to improve your life.

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