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Innovative glass generates free electricity

glas that gnerates electricity

What is it?

ClearVue PV, a pioneering company, has introduced solar glass for use in construction, marking a significant shift in the way glass is utilized. Their specialty lies in glass that employs nanoparticle and microparticle technology, capable of diffusing, redistributing, and reflecting incoming light towards the glass panel’s edges. Photovoltaic modules then capture the light’s energy. This innovative glass can be customized to suit specific project requirements.

ClearVue PV’s calculations indicate that 10 square meters of this glass generates around 1.35 kilowatt-hours of clean energy daily, though this amount may vary depending on the glass’s orientation. In one location in Perth, Australia, 18 windows are expected to produce 605 kWh per year. Despite requiring more installation area compared to traditional rooftop panels, ClearVue PV asserts that its technology often surpasses the yearly PV yield of rooftop counterparts.

A recent two-year peer-reviewed study affirmed that ClearVue’s technology can offset up to 40% of a building’s energy costs. Clifton Smyth, the company’s Chief Business Development Officer, noted the significance of their long-term installation, demonstrating the feasibility and effectiveness of their solar glazing solutions on vertical surfaces throughout the seasons. However, results may vary based on individual energy demands and installation specifics.

The importance of this invention

Affordable energy sources like solar power are vital for a greener future, given their lower environmental impact compared to fossil fuels. ClearVue PV’s groundbreaking technology presents a paradigm shift in the use of glass in construction, vehicles, agriculture, and specialized products. It transforms glass from a mere construction component into a renewable energy resource, offering promising opportunities for sustainable energy generation. Victor Rosenberg, the company’s Executive Chairman, expressed the potential of this innovation in reshaping various industries and contributing to renewable energy adoption.

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