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Inflation vs. Love: How Spending Changes this Valentine’s Day

Inflation vs. Love: How Spending Changes this Valentine's Day

With love in the air, wallets are under pressure! According to a Trustpilot poll, a surprising 30% of couples are skipping Valentine’s Day because of its exorbitant expenses. It appears that this year, Cupid’s aim is directly striking our money accounts, leaving a lot of people feeling tight.

Cutting Corners for Cupid

Even for those planning to celebrate, finances are tight. About 26% of Gen Z and Millennials might have to cut back on necessities like gas or food to afford a romantic evening. Tough decisions lie ahead as we balance love and budget constraints.

Less Love, More Saving

Looks like Cupid’s not hitting wallets as hard this time. A third of couples anticipate cutting Valentine’s Day expenses by 50%, citing higher costs and inflation. Surprisingly, last year only 28% planned such big cuts, showing a growing trend of spending less on love.

Feeling the Pressure

Hold up, there’s an emotional side to this spending saga too. Around 21% of couples feel pressured to spend beyond their means, and 19% think their partners expect them to overspend. Millennials and Gen Z are feeling the heat, with 33% and 21% respectively feeling pressured to go all out.

Making Informed Choices

For lovebirds on a tight budget, Alicia Skubick, Trustpilot’s Chief Customer Officer, advises turning to online reviews. They offer valuable insights to ensure your Valentine’s Day is special, even if funds are limited. Gather tips from others and make the most of your resources to create lasting memories.

Love on a Budget

Don’t let pricey tags ruin your Valentine’s vibe! Get inventive with spending, browse online reviews for wallet-friendly inspiration, and craft a memorable holiday without breaking the bank. Keep the spirit alive without emptying your pockets!

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