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Ice Baths: Are They Worth the Hype or Just Freezing Cold?

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You think now you’re on Insta and all of a sudden, everyone’s out there freezing in an ice bath. Like, what’s the deal? Is this a new health trend or just a way for influencers to show off their pain tolerance?

Here, let me simplify it for you.

An individual who aims to jump into an ice bath, also known as a cold-water immersion, is confined inside a tub of cold water. Hard to believe, but athletes use them to achieve the same result: to ease off muscle pain after a traumatic workout. These people include celebrities that are all in on them, like Kim K and Harry Styles, who are known to be very positive and even weight loss boosters.

But what does science say?

Ice baths might help after tough workouts! Studies show people feel less sore after taking one. They might also ease the pain. The cold numbs nerves and fights inflammation, like a natural painkiller. This could be helpful for people with arthritis. But ice baths aren’t for everyone. They can be shocking and uncomfortable, causing rapid breathing and a faster heartbeat.

Thinking about trying one?

If you are interested, you should seek advice from your doctor before doing this. They can assist you in determining whether it is safe for you Furthermore, they may provide you with ways of how to repair tires without harming yourself. Here are some quick pointers:

  • Keep it short: 3-5 minutes is plenty.
  • Breathe deep: Focus on your breathing to help manage the shock.
  • Listen to your body: If it feels too uncomfortable, get out!

The bottom line:

Ice baths might have some positive effects if the goal is to speed up recovering of an athlete or to get rid of pain. Indeed, but not any kind of bullet. I’ve tried out loads of different types of classes, and I urge you to do the same if you’re interested. Don’t forget to exercise caution and listen to your body during the classes, though.

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