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Gujarat Businessman and Family renounce life, embrace monastic living

Gujarat family embraces monastic life

One of the most unbelievable instances of dedication to a spiritual cause came through when Bhavesh Bhai Bhandari, a prosperous businessman from Himmatnagar village in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat, along with his wife, is giving up all their lives’ income, estimated to be worth few billion dollars, and embrace themselves as Jain monks. The choice they have made in retaining their cultural heritage and religion shows how they have deep spiritual roots and demonstrates the powerful values that is prevalent in this part of the Indian community.

Who is Bhavesh Bhai?

Bhavesh bhai leads a construction agency and is from an influential family, with projects all over the state of Gujarat. From a life of grandeur, his life transformed following a spiritual awakening. He has strong connections in Jain community, which lead to this change. By comparing his quest for spiritual enlightenment to the teachings of asceticism and the renunciation of desires, we see how he was moulded in the community.

This transformational process started in 2022, with the children’s radical change of their life. Their son was 16 and their daughter was 19, when they adopted this path. Accepting their children’s footsteps advance toward the spiritual awakening, Mr. Bhavesh and his wife chose to trail behind them. They chose to give up luxuries such as fans, air conditioners, and mobile phones to live a life of simplicity and spiritual pursuit.

Their commitment to their new life was publicly affirmed during a large procession in Himmatnagar, where the couple, along with 35 others, vowed to lead a disciplined monastic life.

Its surprising, but a personal decision

This move has captured the imagination of many and sparked discussions on social media, where people express both admiration and astonishment at the profound nature of their sacrifice. The story resonates similarly with that of a nine-year-old girl from a wealthy diamond merchant’s family in Gujarat, who also turned to monastic life, highlighting a broader trend of spiritual awakening and renunciation within the region.

The decision by Bhavesh Bhai and his family is a vivid example of the powerful impact of spiritual values over material wealth, serving as a profound statement on the priorities of life and the pursuit of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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