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Google Maps Got Even More Lit: 5 AI Features You Gotta Try

Google maps are getting upgraded with AI features

Ditch the boring maps! Google Maps just got a mind-blowing upgrade with AI features that will transform your adventures. Buckle up and get ready to explore like never before!

1. Immersive View: Explore from Your Couch ️

Remember those epic choose-your-own-adventure books?  Immersive View on Google Maps is like that but for REAL!  It lets you virtually explore places in 3D with mind-blowing images.  Imagine chilling in Tokyo or checking out the pyramids in Egypt – all from your couch!  Plan your next trip by virtually walking around – way cooler than just looking at pictures, right?

2. Lens: See the World Through a New Lens

Feeling lost or clueless about that cool building?  No prob!  The lens is like magic for your phone’s camera.  Just point it at anything and Google Maps will tell you all about it – reviews, ratings, even menus! Forget squinting at signs or asking strangers – Lens is your tour guide in your pocket!

3. Search Like a Boss: Ask Anything!

Typing long searches is SO last season! Google Maps’ AI assistant, Gemini (like a super smart friend), lets you search naturally. Feeling bored on a rainy day? Just type “what to do in the rain” and Gemini will find awesome things based on where you are and what you like!

4. Speed Limit Sorcerer

Speed limits on Google Maps seem like magic, but it’s AI smarts!  They use Street View pics, traffic info, and even ninja-like tech to figure out the exact speed limit for any road, even if it changes throughout the day.  Pretty cool, huh?

5. Search by Picture: Snap and Find!

Spotted a cute shop but forgot the name? No worries! Google Maps is like your photo detective.  Just snap a pic and its AI will search its giant image database to find the place!  No more wandering around lost – unlock hidden gems with the power of a pic!


Explore the world like a boss with these mind-blowing AI features in Google Maps!  Ditch the stress and unlock hidden gems, secret spots, and next-level navigating tricks.  Get ready to adventure like never before!

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