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Freaking Out About Money? You Might Have Money Dysmorphia

Money Dysmorphia

Do you ever feel stressed about your finances, even though you know your bank account isn’t empty? Welcome to the club! We might be scrolling through budgeting apps, but mentally we’re all yacht owners, thanks to a little something called money dysmorphia.

Hold up, what's money dysmorphia?

Think of it like the financial cousin of body dysmorphia.  It’s when you feel insecure about your money situation, even if things are okay (or even good!) financially.  A recent survey says tons of Gen Z and millennials (like, almost half!)  experience this.

Why are we all so stressed about money?

Let’s be real, adulting is expensive. Between student loans, rent that keeps going up, and that avocado toast everyone keeps talking about, it’s no wonder hitting those big milestones like buying a house feels lightyears away.  Add a pandemic and a recession on top of that, and it’s easy to see why our financial goals might feel fuzzy.

But wait, there's more!

Here’s the crazy part: a lot of us with money dysmorphia aren’t just shooting for stability, we’re chasing that #influencerlifestyle.  Social media is filled with people flaunting their wealth, and it can be tempting to compare ourselves.  But here’s the thing: most of the time, that fancy vacation or designer bag was probably free because of sponsorships. Feeling down about not keeping up with unrealistic portrayals online? Yeah, that’s money dysmorphia at work.

So, how do we ditch the money dysmorphia blues?

Financial advisors are like personal trainers for your money. Talking to one can help you set realistic goals and build a budget that works for you.  And guess what?  Curating your social media feed might be key too. Hit that unfollow button on accounts that make you feel bad about your bank account.  There’s a whole world of budgeting tips and financial advice out there, and it’s way more inspiring (and realistic) than yacht life.

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