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Finally! An Apple Watch Accessory That Makes Swimming Fun

Apple Watch Accessory

Yo, pool pals! Ever get tired of the same old, silent swim routine?  Yeah, been there.  Good news, though H2O Audio just dropped the Interval Swim Earphones, and they’re a game-changer for all your aquatic adventures.

Music Makes Everything Better, Even Swimming

Let’s face it, swimming laps might indeed grow boring. But with the Interval earphones, you can turn your workout into a pool party for one.  Just pop in your Apple Watch (waterproof, duh!),  connect it to these sweet headphones, and BAM! You’re jamming to your favorite tunes, podcasts, or audiobooks. Feeling motivational? Blast epic speeches from your swim coach – they’ll practically hear you cheering yourself on from the next lane.

Waterproof Doesn't Even Cut It

Let’s be real,  regular headphones and chlorine are a total disaster.  But the Interval earphones are built differently. They’re 100% waterproof, so no need to stress about ruining them mid-dolphin kick.  Plus, they’re designed to sound awesome underwater, with an extra bass boost to keep the vibes going even when your head’s submerged.

Secure Fit, Zero Leaks

No one wants an earbud doing a Houdini act mid-stroke.  The Interval earphones come with a bunch of different earbud tips, so you can find the perfect fit for your noggin. They’ll stay snug and comfy, keeping the water out and the music in.

Bonus Laps: Track Your Progress

The Interval experience doesn’t stop at music.  These bad boys also come with a companion app called MySwim. This lets you track your laps, distance, and your entire swim sesh. No more counting laps or trying to decipher your sweaty Apple Watch screen – MySwim keeps all your progress on lock.

Final Words

If it’s good enough for swimming legend Michael Phelps, then you know it’s gotta be legit.  So ditch the boring laps and dive into a whole new way to experience pool time with the Interval Swim Earphones. Trust me, your pool workouts will never be the same!

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