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February 2024 Anime Lineup

Although we had to say goodbye to Attack on Titan and Mob Psycho 100 last year, 2024 is ready to fill that void with some highly anticipated shows like Solo Leveling and One-Punch Man season 3. Here is a list of every anime series that will be released in February 2024.

Solo Leveling

This series has been generating a lot of buzz thanks to the incredible success of the manhwa. Although the first episode may have left some fans underwhelmed with its animation, fear not! The next two episodes have proven to be game-changers.

Follow Sung Jin Woo, the weakest hunter in the world, as he stumbles upon a double dungeon and unlocks a virtual system that propels him toward becoming the strongest. Solo Leveling will continue to release new episodes every week throughout February.

Wonderful Precure!

Created by Toei Animation, this fantasy series combines multiple genres and explores the coexistence between humans and animals in a fresh way. The story takes place in Animal Town, where humans and animals live together, united by love and without any discrimination.

Meet Iroha Inukai, a junior high student who loves her dog Komugi. But when an evil creature named Gargai brings chaos to their town, Komugi transforms into the mighty Cure Wonderful to protect Inukai. Little does she know about the hidden secrets their town holds.

Salted Fish Season 2

After three years, this hilarious anime series is coming back for a second season, promising more comedy and fantasy. Join Xian Yu Ge, a salted fish living on an island, as he encounters eccentric residents and forms new friendships. Season 2 premieres on Feb. 15 on Bilibili.

Ancient Lords

Chinese anime frequently showcases cultivation fantasy themes, adapted from light novels each month, with otherworldly elements like time travel, mythological creatures, and power levels. Watch out for Ancient Lords, a historical martial arts anime premiering on Bilibili on Feb. 18.

Meng Qi, a wandering time traveler, dreams of becoming a justice-seeking swordsman. But his path takes an unexpected twist when he becomes a mad monk with a blade. The ancient lords have different plans for him. Will he choose his desired path or succumb to their power?

Blader Soul

Blader Soul, based on a popular web novel by Yue Guan, is set to release this month. Featuring stunning visuals and an intriguing storyline, it’s a must-watch for anime fans.

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