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Exploring the TikTok Slushie Trend: A Colorful Craze with Controversy

The viral Tiktok slushie trend

What is the Slushie trend?

The slushie trend on TikTok has recently taken social media by storm, with countless users joining in on the colorful craze. The trend involves individuals heading to gas stations or convenience stores, purchasing large, vibrant slushie drinks, but instead of sipping them, they dramatically throw the entire drink onto their trucks. Accompanied by the track “Bag Season” by Jay Lewis and Da Real Gee Money, these videos have become a viral sensation, garnering millions of views.

Central to this trend are the modified trucks known as Bubba Trucks, characterized by features like large tires or exceptionally loud exhausts. Only owners of these specific truck types are deemed eligible to participate in the slushie trend, adding an exclusive element to the viral craze.

When, How, Who?

The trend gained momentum in January 2024, with credit often attributed to @brett.michaels, although reports suggest that the individual did not partake in drink tossing. The typical video format begins with a dramatic exit from the gas station, where participants acquire their colorful slushie drinks before proceeding to hurl them at their trucks’ windshields.

While the primary focus of these videos is showcasing the trucks’ features, such as rims, tires, and modifications, the trend has also sparked controversy. Some participants extend the trend beyond Bubba Trucks, targeting any vehicle or even other people’s cars as pranks. This has prompted concerns from gas stations, with signs erected to deter drink tossing on their premises due to the ensuing mess requiring cleanup.

Critics argue that the slushie trend, while visually striking, is ultimately wasteful and unnecessary. However, proponents view it as a creative way to highlight the aesthetic appeal of modified trucks, showcasing them in a captivating manner.¬†Despite differing opinions, the slushie trend continues to captivate TikTok users, serving as a testament to the platform’s ability to spark and amplify viral phenomena, albeit sometimes at the expense of practicality and resourcefulness.

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