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Empowering Overqualified Housewives: Sankari Sudhar’s Journey

Sankari Sudhar: empowering qualified housewives

A brief history

Sankari Sudhar, a software engineer by profession faced a dilemma during Covid. She became a mother and the ensuing post-partum issues coupled with the pressure of being a new mother took a toll on her. Despite support from her organization, she decided to discontinue her work and resigned. After 8 years in the tech industry, she quit and decided to concentrate on her family.

However, her newfound break from work didn’t bring the relief she anticipated. Feelings of underutilized potential and emptiness plagued her daily life. This sense of unfulfillment led Sudhar to realize that she wasn’t alone in her struggle. Many highly qualified women faced similar challenges, their skills and aspirations sidelined by societal norms and lack of flexible work opportunities.

Determined to address this issue, Sudhar founded Overqualified Housewives in August 2022. The platform aimed to provide flexible work options and upskilling opportunities for women looking to re-enter the workforce after a career break. Despite initial challenges, including skepticism from some companies and low-paying job offers, Sudhar remained steadfast in her commitment to offering fair opportunities for women.

The impact

Overqualified Housewives quickly gained traction, connecting over 600 women with 600 companies, primarily startups and SMEs. Through the platform, Sudhar not only facilitated job placements but also worked tirelessly to rebuild women’s confidence and skills through upskilling programs.

The impact of Overqualified Housewives has been profound. Women like Bhagyashree, who felt lost after a prolonged career hiatus, found renewed purpose and employment opportunities through the platform. Businesses like 7 Eagles have also benefited from the platform by tapping into a pool of talented and motivated female professionals.

The future

Looking ahead, Sudhar envisions expanding Overqualified Housewives to onboard more women and businesses, while also emphasizing entrepreneurship and self-sustainability. Through continued advocacy and support, Sudhar aims to create a thriving ecosystem where women can achieve financial independence and career fulfillment on their own terms.

In essence, Sankari Sudhar’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of recognizing and addressing the challenges faced by overqualified women, ultimately paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable workforce.

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