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Emerging Women leadership in India’s Fintech

Women leadership in Fintech industry

India’s fintech sector is on the cusp of significant growth, poised to expand tenfold over the next seven years. This surge is fueled by a rising demand for financial inclusion, offering substantial opportunities for the industry. Despite the strides made in digital financial services, gender diversity, especially in leadership roles, has been a point of scrutiny. However, there is a gradual shift, with women technologists emerging as leaders.

The knights in shining armour

Leaders like Suja Pramod, Head of Fidelity Digital Assets, entered the industry 25 years ago as a software engineer, facing challenges in gaining recognition due to a lack of female role models. Divya Madaan, Director-Technology Management at Sun Life Global Solutions, highlights unconscious biases as a major obstacle in her career, emphasizing the challenges faced by working women in challenging norms.

For Uma Rudhran, Vice President at Fiserv, the struggle for recognition started in childhood when societal pressures questioned her pursuit of education. Despite facing resistance, she persevered, inspired by her mother, and has now achieved her dream. These stories highlight the resilience and determination of women leaders in the fintech sector.

As the fintech industry in India continues to grow, there’s a recognition of the progress made for women. Uma Rudhran notes the substantial advances in gender diversity, supported by initiatives like narrowing gender pay gaps, designing women-friendly workplaces, and offering returnship programs.

The ever-evolving challenges in the finance and IT sector drive innovation, making it crucial to embrace diverse roles. Leaders like Suja Pramod advocate for taking on new roles to develop assertiveness and confidence while retaining essential qualities like empathy and compassion. Uma Rudhran emphasizes the importance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone to embrace opportunities and grow.

For young women aspiring to enter the fintech industry, Divya Madaan advises being biased for action, open to learning, and focusing on solving business problems. Uma Rudhran highlights the significance of technical proficiency in areas like full-stack development and encourages documenting work experiences. Suja Pramod stresses understanding the practical application of technologies.

The future is bright

The future of India’s fintech sector looks promising, with women playing a crucial role in its advancement. As the industry evolves, there’s an optimistic outlook for continued progress in gender diversity, supported by initiatives addressing pay gaps and creating inclusive workplaces. The stories of these women leaders serve as inspiration for the next generation of female professionals entering the fintech arena.

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