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Drink or Ditch? Gen Z’s Verdict on Alcohol as the ‘2024 Cigarette’


Ever notice how your parents always seem to have a glass of wine in their hand? Yeah, those days might be over. It turns out, that millennials and Gen Z just aren’t feeling the vino vibe anymore. But why the ditch? Let’s spill the tea.

Booze-Free for a Reason

A sommelier (fancy wine expert) named Warner Boin asked her TikTok followers (mostly young peeps) why they weren’t into wine, and whoa, the response was massive! Like 1.6 million views massive! Turns out, a lot of young people see alcohol as a big N-O-P-E. They’re calling it “poison” and the “2024 cigarette”.

Health Concerns Take Center Stage

Think about it – there’s a ton of info out there now about how booze isn’t exactly healthy food. Studies are saying even a little bit can mess with your heart, and blood pressure, and even increase your risk of getting sick. Plus, the World Health Organization straight-up said no amount of alcohol is safe. Kinda puts a damper on the whole “wine is good for you” thing, right?

It's All About Feeling Good

But it’s not just the health scare. Our generation is all about feeling good and being lit but without a hangover or headache. Who needs that drama? On top of that, wine can be kinda expensive, and let’s be real, spending that cash on Avo toast sounds way more appealing.

Maybe It's Just Not Your Taste

Maybe wine just doesn’t taste that great to everyone either. Some folks in the TikTok comments said they just don’t like the way it tastes, preferring the fun and fruity world of mocktails or even cannabis (it’s legal in a lot of places now!).

Time for the Wine Industry to Adapt

So, what does this all mean for the future of wine? Well, Warner thinks the wine industry needs a wake-up call. Instead of just pushing the same old bottles, maybe they should focus on making delicious non-alcoholic wines or offering other options at tastings. We’re all about new experiences, and wine needs to get with the times to stay relevant.

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