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Ditch the Drama! This Chinese Supermarket Offers “Sad Leave”

sad leave for employee wellbeing

Ever felt so stressed you just can’t even adult at work?  Yeah, same. Well, buckle up because a supermarket chain in China is doing something epic for its employees: sad leave.

Who Gets Sad Leave?

Meet Fat Dong Lai, a supermarket known for treating its peeps right. They’re offering all their employees 10 days of leave a year just for feeling down, no questions asked.  Unlike regular leave, your boss doesn’t need to approve it, so you can just peace out when you’re feeling overwhelmed.  Super chill, right?

The Boss Gets It

The founder, Mr. Yu, gets it. He says everyone feels sad sometimes, and it’s normal. He even compared Fat Dong Lai to the Haidilao hotpot chain, famous for pampering its customers!  Fat Dong Lai goes above and beyond too, with things like blood pressure checks and even feeding stations for your pet while you shop.  They care about their people.

More Than Just Sad Leave

Fat Dong Lai doesn’t stop there. Employees already get a whopping 40 days of annual leave, plus they only work a standard 5-day, 7-hour week.  Say goodbye to that crazy 996 work culture (working 9 am to 9 pm, 6 days a week) that some companies in China have.  Fat Dong Lai is all about work-life balance.

On top of that, they even sent all their employees on vacation this year! From higher-ups going to Europe to lower-level staff exploring Japan, everyone got a chance to travel. Talk about a perk!  Fat Dong Lai is setting the bar high for employee treatment.

The Takeaway

Feeling sad shouldn’t stop you from taking a break. Fat Dong Lai is showing us that companies can prioritize both productivity and employee well-being. Here’s hoping more companies catch on to this awesome trend!  Maybe one day we’ll all get sad to leave too!  Wouldn’t that be lit?

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