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Did You Know? The Surprising Science of Sleeping With Pets

Sleeping with pets

We all know the feeling: climbing into bed and being greeted by your furry BFF. Don’t get us wrong, cuddling with our pets is the ultimate cozy vibe.  But what if we told you science might have something to say about catching Zzz’s with your cat or pup?

New Study Says Woof There Goes Your Sleep (For Dog People)

A recent study (think March 2024) by a cool psychology professor named Dr. Chin surveyed over 1,500 people about their sleep habits and their pet situation. Here’s the thing: tons of people (like, 93%!) believed that sleeping with their pet would be a sleep win.  But the data told a different story, especially for our doggo pals. The study found that people who shared a room with ANY animal (not just in the bed) had a tougher time sleeping and experienced more insomnia.

Hold Up, Not All Pets Are Created Equal

The plot thickens! The researchers kept digging and discovered something interesting: the type of pet you room with matters.  People who shared their room with a doggo had worse sleep quality, but there wasn’t a peep (or purr?) about cats affecting sleep. So, according to this study, rooming with your dog might mess with your sleep, but your feline friend might be A-OK.

Don't Freak Out and Kick Your Pup Out (Yet!)

Here’s the deal: this is just one study, and it doesn’t mean you have to toss your dog out like yesterday’s trash. If you love cuddling with your pooch and sleeping for 7+ hours a night, then you do!  But if you’re constantly hitting the snooze button, it might be worth looking at your sleep habits, including whether your doggo is sharing your room (or bed).  Remember, your pet needs a well-rested human to care for them, so giving them their comfy bed in another room is totally okay.

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