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Climate Criminal or Green Dream? The Eco Cost of Avocados


Hey guys, let’s talk about avocados. They’re creamy, delicious, and everywhere on Instagram. But lately, there’s been some buzz about the dark side of Avos. So, are they a sustainable snack or eco-enemy?

The Good Stuff: Why We Love Avocados

First, the good news! Avocados are a nutritious choice. They’re packed with vitamins, and healthy fats, keeping you full. No wonder they’re a superfood fave!  But here’s the thing – how we grow them can cause serious problems.

The not-so-good Stuff: How Avocados Can Hurt the Environment

Avocados need a ton of water to grow, which can be a big deal in already dry places. Imagine taking long showers every day, that’s kinda of what avocado trees are like! On top of that, growing all these avocados has led to deforestation, which is a fancy way of saying we’re cutting down trees to make more room for avocado farms.

Not cool for our planet!  Shipping these avos across the world also adds to their environmental impact.  But wait, there’s more!  These giant avocado farms use a lot of chemicals, which can harm the soil and mess with wildlife.  And let’s not forget the human cost.  Some avocado farms are linked to crime and unfair working conditions.

So, what can we do?

There are no easy answers, but we can be mindful consumers. Look for avocados that are fairtrade or organic when you can.  These certifications aren’t perfect, but they at least try to address some of the issues.  Another option?  Try different types of avos!  The Hass variety might be the rockstar, but there are other yummy ones out there that don’t rely on giant monoculture farms.   Maybe instead of daily avo toast, enjoy them as a special treat? Every little bit helps!

Final words

Remember, even though avocados might not be perfect, they’re not the only culprit.  Lots of our food has an environmental impact. By being aware and making small changes, we can still enjoy our favorite foods and protect our planet.

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