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Cisco Completes Acquisition of Splunk: Revolutionizing Digital Visibility and Security

CISCO acquires Splunk

Cisco has closed the deal in the purchase of Splunk, which will enable them to now expand the business beyond providing just viewing platforms that offer insights on working online. With digitalization taking center stage, connectivity and protection hold equal importance. It also becomes importanrt that the inherent ingredients of people, applications, data and devices are integrated seamlessly.

Expert speak

Chuck Robbins, the Chair and CEO of Cisco, admits that he is excited to welcome Splunk into the Cisco family. The union of Cisco and Splunk gives the top-notch system visibility and toughness, and this also offers a complete security outlook and surveillance portfolio. Gary Steele, the Splunk Executive Vice President and GM, is of the opinion that this union can provide solutions to existing problems for the customers worldwide to increase the overall availability and continuity of everything there is. Through Cisco and Splunk, the organisation can harness data effectively, getting desired results that they never reached before.

The collaboration between Cisco and Splunk enables customers to achieve better security, observability, networking, and AI capabilities. Stephen Elliot, Group Vice President at IDC, underscores the transformative potential of this combination, urging customers to explore the elevated business value it unlocks.

Julie Sweet, Chair and CEO of Accenture, extends congratulations to Cisco on the acquisition, foreseeing promising opportunities for clients. The merger aims to deliver better security, observability, networking, and AI capabilities, ultimately driving improved business outcomes and cost reduction.

A global move

The integration of Cisco and Splunk fosters global developer and partner communities, encouraging the development of innovative applications and solutions. Together, they aim to deliver new product innovations and showcase them at upcoming events such as Cisco Live and .conf24. In terms of transaction data, Cisco acquired Splunk the price of $157 per share in cash. It turn out to be about $ 28 billion of equity value. It is estimated that the buyout will contribute to Cisco’s financial success, driving a short-term revenue growth rate and a long-term gross margin increase in the coming years.

In a nutshell, the completion of Cisco-Splunk acquisition is marked as a great move which will generate uncompromised visibility, enterprise-level security and connectivity of all IT systems in the cyber space making a promise of a change for better in terms of data protection and IT environment management.

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