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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Stuns Fans with ‘Rockstar’, But Did She Miss the K-pop Mark?

Fans Enthralled by BLACKPINK Lisa's 'Rockstar' Performance, Yet Netizens Debate Her K-pop Impact

After splitting from YG Entertainment, Lalisa Manoban is back with a BANG! Her latest music video, “Rockstar,” shot in the vibrant streets of Bangkok, pays homage to her Thai roots, blending English raps with dynamic dance moves.

“Rockstar” marks the eagerly awaited return of BLACKPINK’s Lisa to the music scene, showcasing her unique flair and energy. This track, her debut under her new label LLOUD, has captivated fans globally, quickly becoming a viral sensation on social media platforms.

Lisa’s Bold Comeback with ‘Rockstar’

Earlier in the year, each of the BLACKPINK members took a step back from YG Entertainment to explore individual projects, yet remained united in their commitment to the group. Now, breaking the silence of more than two years, Lisa makes a striking return to the music spotlight.

A trailblazer setting her own course, Lisa drops “Rockstar,” a departure from her K-pop idol facade, embracing a gritty hip-hop persona. The single reverberates with raw hip-hop rhythms, paired with a music video that’s a feast for the eyes, showcasing Lisa’s dramatic evolution.

Launching her own brand, LLOUD, amplifies the significance of this release. The video captures the essence of Lisa’s heritage, infused with the urban vibe of Bangkok’s streets. Through her compelling English raps and powerful dance moves, Lisa unveils an audacious new chapter.

Lisa’s “Rockstar” Return Sparks Global Debate

Lisa’s latest music video, “Rockstar,” takes fans on a vibrant tour through Bangkok, proudly embracing her Thai origins. This move has not only delighted Thai fans but is also seen as a nod to promoting tourism.

Globally, fans are intrigued by Lisa’s daring musical evolution, although some long for the familiar K-pop essence prominent in hits like “Money.” Yet, “Rockstar” stands as a testament to Lisa’s ambition to broaden her artistic landscape and claim her musical independence.

Feedback from the internet suggests a mix of admiration and nostalgia. Comments vary from those praising the uniqueness of the track, suggesting it may diverge from traditional K-pop tastes but holds significant appeal for Thai audiences, to calls for more content, particularly dance videos, hinting at a desire for a fuller promotional approach typical of K-pop. Through “Rockstar,” Lisa charts a fresh course, sparking lively discussion among her global fanbase.

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