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Bennu Asteroid Set to Strike Earth in 159 Years, Posing Force Equivalent to 22 Atomic Bombs

Bennu Asteroid Set to Strike Earth in 159 Years, Posing Force Equivalent to 22 Atomic Bombs

In the vast realm of internet oddities, doomsday predictions often make headlines, drawing on ancient calendars and their ominous prophecies. While most of these claims have historically proven to be unfounded, forecasts from a trusted source like NASA carry a weightier significance in the public eye.

The latest buzz revolves around an asteroid, ominously named Bennu, allegedly on a collision course with Earth in approximately 159 years. Speculated to strike on September 24, 2182, this catastrophic event is said to bring about worldwide extinction. Public interest is piqued, prompting NASA scientists to delve into preventing this potential collision as they diligently work on their plans.

What Is Bennu?

Bennu is a type B asteroid that measures about 500 meters in diameter. It orbits around the sun once every 1.2 years and approaches Earth every 6 years, according to a report by asteroid Analysis conducted by experts suggests that there is a possibility of Bennu colliding with Earth sometime in the late 22nd century.

Preventing Future Asteroid Catastrophe

In a recent announcement, NASA scientists shared that they are in the final stages of their mission to avert a potential asteroid strike, projected to occur 159 years from now. Named Bennu, this hazardous asteroid is predicted to have a chance of colliding with Earth on September 24, 2182. However, there is no immediate cause for alarm as this event is still many decades away, set to take place in the latter half of the year 221.

Compared to the infamous asteroid that led to the extinction of dinosaurs, Bennu is only half its size and has a six-year orbit around Earth. While a collision with Bennu would inflict significant damage within a 600-mile radius of impact, it would not possess the capability to wipe out all life on our planet. NASA has been tirelessly developing strategies to alter Bennu’s trajectory and prevent a catastrophic collision.

Although the likelihood of this event is estimated at 1 in 2,700, experts remain highly concerned due to the potential consequences of even a remote chance of impact. With their mission nearing completion, NASA is leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to safeguard.

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