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Did Apple to Steal Tech? Company to Stop Selling Latest Smartwatches

Smartwatch Shutdown: Apple Faces Ban After Epic Legal Clash!

Hold onto your wrist game! Apple’s slamming the brakes on selling their hotshot Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 in the US. Why? A wild patent showdown, threatening to ban these watches packing a blood oxygen sensor. Time for the tech drama, folks!

Patent Battle Overview

Masimo Corp., the plaintiff, alleges that Apple violated its patents related to how smartwatches calculate a person’s blood oxygen saturation. The International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled in Masimo’s favor in October, demanding a halt in sales of the infringing devices. Apple is now preparing for this ban, which prompted the company to halt online sales on December 21 and will affect physical retail locations starting Christmas Eve.

Impact on Key Models

The w and Ultra 2 models, responsible for most of Apple’s watch sales, will be directly impacted. These models contribute significantly to Apple’s Wearables, Home, and Accessories business, generating over $40 billion annually. The halt will also affect some older models, including the Series 8, continuing to be sold in refurbished condition.

Financial Implications

The Apple Watch alone brought in approximately $17 billion in fiscal 2023, making it a substantial revenue stream for the tech giant. The sales disruption might impact Apple’s first-quarter results, potentially halting a four-quarter streak of declining sales.

Legal and Business Challenges

Apple plans to appeal the ITC decision, claiming it is erroneous. However, the unprecedented move to stop selling a core product during a crucial quarter indicates the severity of the situation. The dispute may take time, as hardware patents are involved, and quick solutions via software updates are unlikely.

Future Steps

As third-party sellers ride the wave, Apple’s stores are gearing up for a smartwatch blackout, teasing customers with mysterious signs. In the wild world of tech, even giants like Apple can’t escape patent wars. This legal tango over smartwatch secrets hints at big changes for Apple and the entire tech scene. Stay tuned!

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