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Aaron Sibarium, the Gen Z Investigative Reporter who is making waves

Gen Z reporter Aaron Sibarium

Who is Aaron?

Aaron Sibarium, a 27-year-old journalist and staff writer at the Washington Free Beacon, stands out as a rising star in conservative media. Born in Maryland, Sibarium’s journey into conservative journalism was influenced by a contrarian impulse and a visceral opposition to what he perceived as woke excess on and off campus during his time at Yale. Diagnosed with autism at the age of four, Sibarium overcame early challenges with the support of his parents and a team of experts, later becoming a vocal advocate for reporting on issues from a conservative perspective.

Sibarium distinguishes himself by prioritizing old-school, shoe-leather reporting over ideological essays. He criticizes the surplus of theoretical pieces within conservative circles and emphasizes the need for real investigations, scoops, and data-driven reporting. His commitment to this approach has yielded major scoops, including exposing states using racial preferences in distributing scarce COVID-19 drugs and revealing Columbia Law School’s plans to require video statements from applicants, potentially to navigate Supreme Court decisions on race in admissions.

How is he different?

Despite being a self-described liberal on certain issues, Sibarium aligns with conservative journalism due to a perceived lack of rigorous investigative reporting on the right. He acknowledges a talent problem within conservative media, attributing it to educational polarization and the fact that smart conservatives often choose other career paths, such as law or finance, over journalism. Conservative journalists also face lower pay and less prestige compared to other professions that require similar education and skills.

Sibarium’s contributions to the Free Beacon, an explicitly conservative publication, have earned him praise from a diverse range of conservatives, including Tucker Carlson and David French. He emphasizes the importance of new information over opinion, aligning with his editor-in-chief Eliana Johnson’s belief that real conservative reportorial outlets are essential.

Despite his rising status in conservative circles, Sibarium maintains a nuanced perspective on the right, often critiquing its closed-mindedness and unproductivity. He urges young conservatives to grow up, start reporting on ideological enemies, and move away from what he perceives as a cauldron of racist sentiments.

Hence, Aaron Sibarium’s unique journey into conservative journalism, his commitment to investigative reporting, and his nuanced views within the conservative landscape make him a notable figure in the evolving world of media. His emphasis on real reporting and challenges to the status quo highlight the complex dynamics within conservative journalism.

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