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A live mannequin? You must be joking!

Live mannequin in Dubai

A video of a model posing as a live mannequin in front of a store at Dubai Festival City Mall has sparked a variety of reactions online. The unique marketing strategy was employed by the apparel brand Manto Bride, which had model Angelina standing next to mannequins at the store-front. Dressed in one of the brand’s dresses and stiletto heels, Angelina captured the attention of passersby by switching poses on a platform at the front of the store.

The video, initially shared by Angelina, gained further traction after being posted by the popular Dubai-based account “@lovindubai,” which often features bite-sized stories and community updates. The caption read, “Legends say she’s still striking poses to this day.”

Inhuman or a novel marketing stunt?

The marketing stunt received a mixed reception. While some people appreciated the creativity, others criticized it as inhumane. Instagram user Shruti Chadha expressed concern for the model’s well-being, commenting, “This is inhuman. I’m sure her feet hurt like crazy and when we have regular dummies why do we even need this?” Conversely, public figure Ghazi Al Yaman praised the idea as “next level marketing,” and user Vlada Bulhakova noted the significant investment in such marketing tactics.

One commenter highlighted the broader context of workplace discomfort, stating, “Everyone saying this is slavery, inhuman, uncomfortable. Just like everyone else, we all have our own discomfort at work… She’s getting paid just like we get, plus think about the security guards in the malls, they stand all the time too. We all are struggling and that’s what makes us strong.”

The video on Angelina’s account garnered over 6,000 views and over 100 likes, while the same clip on Lovin Dubai’s account amassed over 489,000 views and more than 300 comments. This reflects the widespread interest and debate sparked by the unconventional marketing approach. What do you think? Is it inhuman or just a new way to work?

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