Galvorn: A “Magical” Breakthrough for Greener Technology


Beneath the cloak of secrecy, a scientific marvel has emerged from the depths of discovery: Galvorn. Concealed until now, this enigmatic material possesses an unearthly strength that surpasses even steel and a weightlessness that defies the laws of physics, leaving aluminum in its ethereal wake. But that’s not all – a hidden power lies within, […]

Exploring the Ethical Dimensions of the Conscious Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Girl in beach working

The digital nomad lifestyle has experienced an extraordinary surge in popularity in recent years, with remote workers embracing the freedom to work from anywhere. However, like any emerging trend, this nomadic movement brings with it a set of unique challenges. While digital nomads often curate picturesque images of their lives on social media, the truth […]

The common habit that every single famous genius had, and it’s not what you think

Genius and time management

Have you ever pondered how certain individuals effortlessly manage their busy schedules, accomplishing more than you seemingly can? Finding enough time in a day is a widespread challenge, but a newly unveiled chart unveils how renowned geniuses allocated their time. Are they toiling longer hours? Do they attain a full eight hours of sleep? Here’s […]

Building blocks is no child’s play: The Lego saga continues

Adults playing Lego

When the hit comedy TV series Ted Lasso premiered its third season in March, it featured a nostalgic element: Lego. In the opening episode, Ted’s son Henry gives him a Lego Champions Cup, symbolising their bond until Ted wins the real trophy. Henry then returns to the United States, leaving Ted, played by Jason Sudeikis, […]

Is Apple Vision Pro beating Meta at its own Game?


Image Source, Rights & Credits : Apple In the fast-paced world of technology, competition among tech giants is inevitable. The rivalry that has been making headlines, between Apple and Meta (formerly known as Facebook) has now got itself in an interesting  spot. While Meta’s  rebranding focused heavily on the metaverse and virtual reality, Apple had […]

Solar Panels Impact on Environment, Is It A Ticking Time Bomb

Solar Panels

Solar panels, the celestial darlings of renewable energy, have ignited hopes of clean electricity and diminished carbon emissions. Yet, behind their radiant facade lurks a disconcerting prospect: a looming ecological catastrophe. Journey with us into the enigmatic depths as we unravel this perplexing conundrum, shedding light on the possible perils that these seemingly virtuous creations […]