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1 in 3 German Men Find Violence Against Women ‘Acceptable’

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A recent survey conducted by Plan International Germany has revealed concerning attitudes toward violence against women among male respondents. The survey found that 33% of men aged 18-35 considered violence against women to be acceptable.

Furthermore, the survey revealed distressing results regarding domestic violence. A staggering 33% of men within the same age group believed that it was acceptable if their “hand slipped” during an argument with their female partner. 34% of respondents admitted to having engaged in violent behaviour towards women in the past.

Attitudes and Expectations in Relationships

The survey delved into attitudes related to victim-blaming, double standards, and relationship expectations. Startlingly, the results revealed that 50% of men expressed their reluctance to pursue a relationship with a woman who had multiple sexual partners. Surprisingly, 20% of the women interviewed also agreed with this statement.

The survey highlighted stark differences in relationship expectations between men and women. A significant majority of men, 52%, favoured a traditional “breadwinner-housewife model”. Where they would primarily provide for the household financially, and childcare and household tasks would predominantly fall under the woman’s responsibility. Over two-thirds of women disagreed with this model, desiring equal partnerships with shared decision-making.

Survey Exposes Troubling Attitudes and Urges Action for Gender Equality

The nationwide survey included 1,000 men and 1,000 women aged 18-35 and was conducted in collaboration with children’s charity Plan International Germany. The findings have been met with shock and concern, prompting strong reactions from advocacy groups such as Federal Forum Men, which works towards gender equality.

Karsten Kassner from Federal Forum Men, a group that advocates for gender equality, voiced his concerns. He said: “It’s problematic that a third of the surveyed men trivialise physical violence against women. This urgently needs to change.”

The survey’s results serve as a stark reminder that we must actively work towards promoting gender equality, fostering respect. And combating all forms of violence and discrimination. It is essential to challenge societal norms that perpetuate victim-blaming, double standards, and the marginalisation of identities.

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