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Tesla’s First Video Ad and What it means for the Leader


Tesla’s heartwarming new video has captured the attention of many, marking the brand’s first venture into true advertising. With Elon Musk’s vision of creating ads that seamlessly blend with engaging content, this video hits the mark. Tesla’s first video ad aptures not only the practical advantages but also the emotional satisfaction that comes with owning one of their electric vehicles. It’s a beautiful reminder of how Tesla is shaping the future of transportation while enhancing the lives of its customers.

Titled “Drive to Believe” and shared on the official Tesla Asia Twitter account, this two-minute masterpiece showcases the experience of a delighted Model 3 customer from Singapore. She joyfully shares her journey of purchasing the all-electric sedan, highlighting the features that have won her heart.

Tesla has always claimed that it does not need advertising because its cars are so good that they sell themselves. In fact, Musk once tweeted: “Tesla does not advertise or pay for endorsements. Instead, we use that money to make the product great.” However, things seem to have changed recently, as Musk announced at the company’s annual shareholders meeting in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday that Tesla will “try a little advertising, and see how it goes.”

The Motivations behind Tesla’s Advertising Push

Why has Tesla decided to start advertising now? There are several possible reasons. One is that Tesla faces increasing competition from other car makers, both traditional and new, that are launching their own electric vehicles. Tesla may want to maintain its edge and market share by highlighting its unique features and innovations.

Another reason is that Tesla may want to educate consumers about some aspects of its cars that they may not be aware of, such as their safety, performance, autonomy and environmental benefits. Advertising could also help Tesla reach new audiences and markets, especially in regions where electric vehicles are not yet popular or accessible.

A third reason is that Tesla may want to boost its brand image and reputation, which have been tarnished by some controversies and challenges in recent years. These include Musk’s erratic behavior on Twitter, production delays, quality issues, legal disputes and regulatory hurdles. Advertising could help Tesla restore trust and confidence among its customers, investors and partners.

Revving Up the Advertising Engine

Whatever the reason, Tesla’s decision to advertise is a significant one, as it signals a new phase in the company’s evolution and strategy. It also raises some questions: How will Tesla advertise, having found its first ‘release’ on Twitter itself? What channels and platforms will it use? What messages and stories will it tell? How will it measure the impact and effectiveness of its advertising?

One thing is certain: Going by what has been shared as Tesla’s first video ad, its advertising will not be conventional or boring. As Musk said at the shareholders meeting: “We want to make it something that people look forward to seeing.” Knowing Tesla’s history of innovation and disruption, we can expect nothing less.

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