The Rise of polyamory amidst the decline of traditional dating

rise of Polyamory

Polyamory, the practice of maintaining multiple romantic partners with mutual consent, is gaining traction, especially among individuals under 45. Concurrently, there’s a noted disengagement from traditional dating, prompting questions about the preferences of Gen Z—are they seeking multiple partners or opting out of romance altogether? However, these seemingly contradictory trends reflect a broader societal shift […]

What Bill Gates’ is reading this summer: “How To Know A Person” by David Brooks

summer reading book by Bill gates

Bill Gates recently shared his summer book recommendations, highlighting one as a “must-read”: “How To Know A Person: The Art of Seeing Others Deeply and Being Deeply Seen” by David Brooks. Published in October 2023, the book offers insights into enhancing communication and connection with others. Gates praised it as a guide to fostering deeper […]

Gen Z’s fashion: The rise of crew socks over ankle socks

Gen Z's crew socks fashion

Over the past decade, Gen Z has significantly influenced fashion trends, prompting various generations to adapt. From streetwear to mermaidcore, Gen Z has introduced numerous trends, often rendering previous ones obsolete. The latest trend dictated by Gen Z is the decline of ankle socks in favor of crew socks. Journalist Gerry Cupido from IOL Lifestyle […]