Plastic in Our Food? Here’s What You Need to Know for World Environment Day

Microplastics in our food: the truth you should know on world environment day

Hey everyone, it’s World Environment Day! This year’s theme is all about taking care of our soil, but there’s some seriously gross news that needs attention. Microplastics – those tiny bits of plastic pollution everywhere – are showing up in the food we eat. Sewage Sludge: From Icky to Yucky Imagine using leftover gunk from […]

Projecting global health in 2050: A call to action

global health trends in 2050

According to the current trends and strategies employed in managing health, diseases and conditions around the world, it is projected that the global health dynamics in the twenty first century will dramatically change by the middle of the twenty second century, the year 2050 to be precise. Based on an extensive analysis of trends across […]

From Kiosks to Crores: The rise of Wow! Momo

Rise of Wow! Momo

While India’s billionaire spectrum ranges from the 27-year-old Pearl Kapur of ZYBER 365 to the 93-year-old Lachhman Das Mittal of Sonalika Group, the journey of Sagar Daryani stands out for its unique flavor. At the helm of Wow! Momo, Daryani exemplifies how a small idea can transform into a colossal Rs 2,000 crore business. The […]

No driving for me: Zoomers steering away from traditional driving

Gen Z says no to driving

As much as driving was a passion for generation Y, the generation Z has backed off in some way. It is noted that in contrast to previous generations, a large number of Zoomers do not seem to be in a hurry to get their drivers’ licenses. Based on the recent MarketWatch Guides study, only 3.6% […]